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Who are we? 

GS1 Denmark is the Danish division of the global standardisation organisation GS1.

Globally, over two million companies and organizations use GS1 standards and services to enhance efficiency, security, and sustainability. The advantage for companies affiliated with GS1 is that they have access to global standards that enable easier access to foreign markets.

In Denmark, we primarily operate within retail, foodservice, healthcare and transport and logistics, where we increase food and patient safety with our standards for traceability and data sharing.

GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit, UN-approved NGO. We are owned by our members - the users of GS1 standards and services - who in turn are represented by a board of elected members, representative of the industries we work in.
We are regulated by the Board of Directors, who meet several times a year and at our annual meeting, where all members are invited to participate.

There are GS1 offices in 116 countries - from Iceland to Ghana and Japan to Brazil.

We're in when the world's goods change hands

GS1 Denmark identifies, systematizes and shares data across products and industries in order to increase safety and coherence in society and pave the way for better lives.

'We improve safety and create sustainable growth through standardisation and transparency.'

GS1 Denmark is responsible for the dissemination, development and administration of the GS1 standards in accordance with GS1 Global's rules. We actively participate in the international work of GS1 Global and GS1 in Europe to safeguard the interests of our members.

GS1 Denmark Board of Directors

GS1 Denmark's Board of Directors consists of seven representatives from trade and industry organizations in Denmark and two to four representatives elected by the companies that are members of GS1 Denmark. These are elected for one year at GS1 Denmark's annual meeting, which takes place in the spring.

The exact date of the 2025 Annual Meeting will be announced on this page.

Thorkil Andersen
Founder and owner of Frode Laursen
Henrik Hyltoft
Vice Chairman
Marketing Director Handel, Dansk Erhverv
Vice Chairman
Alan Jensen
Board Member
IT Director, Salling Group
Carsten Hänel
Board Member
CEO, Orkla Danmark
Carsten Wandorf
Board Member
CEO, Fritz Schur Consumer Group
Egil Møller Nielsen
Board Member
COO in Coop Denmark
Kenn Espensen
Board Member
Division Manager, Dagrofa ApS
Lars Ruben Hansen
Board Member
IT Director, Rema 1000 Denmark A/S
Søren Helsinghof-Olsen
Board Member
Vice President, Arla Foods
Thomas Blomqvist
Board Member
Country Manager, Nestlé Denmark


GS1 collaborates with a number of international organisations including. ISO, the UN, the World Customs Organisation, the World Health Organisation, ISQua and  Danish Standards.

Have an influence on GS1's development

'One of our most important purposes is to manage the GS1 system based on the needs of our members.'

That is why we run several coordinating working- and steering groups in collaboration with a wide range of leading members, including Hørkram, Orkla, Arla, Dagrofa, Coop, Salling Group, P&G, Peter Larsen and many, many more.

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