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GS1Trade Sync

Keep track of your master data

GS1Trade Sync is a system that makes it easy for trading partners to share product information and images. All data is stored in one place ensuring immediate access to product data in real-time at all times.

Validation rules and data models are implemented in the system to ensure that each product is provided with relevant information and that regulatory requirements are being met.

GS1Trade Sync is part of the *GDSN network

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Watch this video to learn more about how GS1Trade Sync can support your buiness in sharing standardized and accurate data with your trading partners.


Overview of how GS1 GDSN works

Below you can see how data is synchronised between buyers and sellers using GS1 GDSN and GS1 Global Registry.

1. Loading of company data
2. Registering of company data

3. Subscription to seller's data pool
4. Publishing of company data

5. Confirmation receipt of company data

What can you use GS1Trade Sync for?

When you create your products in GS1Trade Sync, you can share product data with all your trading partners simultaneously. This saves you time, increases efficiency and improves data quality. There are currently more than 60,000 food products registered in GS1Trade Sync. In GS1Trade Sync you can also share your data with data recipients abroad as long as both parties are part of the GDSN network.

Retail and foodservice

When sharing product data, both item creation and corrections are managed in one place. Similarly, if you are a data recipient, all product data will be stored and retrieved from one place.  

*If you need to send data across international borders, GS1Trade Sync is also the answer. GS1Trade Sync is part of the global GDSN network, which allows you to send data to the US, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium, among others. Chains such as Walmart, Rewe, Carrefour, Amazon, El Corte Inglés, ICA and Albert Heijn use the GDSN network for data exchange.

If you need to send data abroad, click on the GDSN icon below.


When selling pharmaceutical products and medical devices, you may find that those you supply products to want to receive product data electronically. This means that you will have to send one set of data to a region, another to a municipality and a third to a government agency. In GS1Trade Sync you can register all your product master data and share your information with all relevant partners simultaneously.

When selling medical devices to the US, you must provide product data to the GUDID database. This includes information such as the product's UDI-DI, quantity, product description and serial number. This is information you can add to your product data in GS1Trade Sync and send electronically.

When selling medical devices to the EU, it is a legal requirement to provide product data to the EUDAMED database. In the future, this will also be a process that GS1Trade Sync will support.

Government agencies, regions and municipalities

Also the public sector uses your GS1Trade Sync data. Nutritional data for food products is used by municipalities and regions to put together the right diet for vulnerable citizens who need a specific amount of energy in their food. This is done through dietary nutrition programmes that use GS1Trade Sync data.

The regions' joint strategy for supply logistics also intend to implement GDSN through GS1Trade Sync. This in order to e.g. secure data information on package sizes, which will allow regions to optimize use of dimensions in warehouses, central depots and departmental depots.

Region Midtjylland is currently focusing on getting more data on implants into their processes with GDSN, which the other regions in Denmark are following closely.

When product information is accessible and accurate, your business wins.

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN®) is the world's largest product data network. GS1 GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thing-timely and reliable product information-to ultimately benefit consumers and patients.

Download information about GS1 GDSN here

GS1Trade Sync Data Receivers

Curious about which companies you can send data to in GS1Trade Sync? Click below to go to an overview and read more
about the different data recipients.

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Combine our services

GS1Trade Exact

GS1Trade Exact ensures the quality of your product data. All physical products are checked against the data entered in GS1Trade Sync.

Quality-assured data for the entire supply chain.

GS1Trade Image

GS1Trade Image provides professional marketing and planogram images that meet retailers' requirements and imaging guidelines.

If you want to create your own product photos, we can also help you get certified.

Price overview

NOTE: GS1 Denmark offers a 50% discount on registration in GS1Trade Sync from 1/6 2023 through the rest of the year.

For both data suppliers and data recipients, it is the company's total annual turnover per CVR (ex. VAT and taxes) that forms the basis for connection and annual subscription for use of GS1Trade Sync.

When you sign up, you pay for the registration itself. On top of that, you pay for the rest of the calendar year in which you sign up. It is calculated as: Annual subscription / 12 * the remaining months of the year.

All prices below require a GLN subscription.  

If you wish to make use of the possibility to send data to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and GUDID (Global UDI Database), an additional annual fee of 50.000 DKK ex. VAT.

Annual turnover in million DKK (excl. VAT)
Annual subscription (excl. VAT)  
Setup fee (excl. VAT)  
From 0 to 5
1.250,00 DKK
1.250,00 DKK
Over 5 up to and even 10
2.500,00 DKK
2.500,00 DKK
Over 10 up to and 15
3.750,00 DKK
3.750,00 DKK
Over 15 up to and 20
5.000,00 DKK
5.000,00 DKK
Over 20 up to and 50
10.000,00 DKK
10.000,00 DKK
Over 50 up to and including 100
15.000,00 DKK
15.000,00 DKK
Over 100 up to and even 150
20.000,00 DKK
20.000,00 DKK
Over 150 up to and over 200
25.000,00 DKK
25.000,00 DKK
Over 200 up to and even 250
31.000,00 DKK
31.000,00 DKK
Over 250 up to and even 300
37.000,00 DKK
37.000,00 DKK
Over 300 up to and over 400
44.000,00 DKK
44.000,00 DKK
Over 400 up to and even 500
51.000,00 DKK
51.000,00 DKK
Over 500 up to and including 1,000
60.000,00 DKK
60.000,00 DKK
Over 1,000 up to and including 5,000
80.000,00 DKK
80.000,00 DKK
Over 5,000
100.000,00 DKK
100.000,00 DKK

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Your subscription fee depends on your company's turnover.

Below, our price calculator will help you find out how much you'll pay for GS1Trade Sync.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details at the bottom of the page.

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Frequently asked questions

How does GS1Trade Sync relate to GDSN?

  GDSN), which is the standard on which GS1Trade Sync platform is based, is updated four times a year.

On the technical documentation page, you can find the latest Danish documentation that specifies which fields are primarily used on the Danish market.

Who receives my product data?

You can send data to a wide range of companies in the retail and foodservice sectors via GDSN.

How do I create products in GS1Trade Sync?

Whether you're a beginner or need help with more advanced features, we are ready to help. In fact, your membership automatically gives you access to free online training with our consultants, who are specialists in GS1Trade Sync. We also offer monthly service announcements on new features and smart ways to use the database.

Read more here.

Can I use GS1Trade Sync in combination with other services? 

Yes. In fact, several of our services require you to have created your products in GS1Trade Sync.

If you have, you can also use GS1Trade Exact (quality assurance of product master data) and GS1Trade Image (product images). This way you get the most out of your membership.

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