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Our online tools make it easy for you to calculate check digits, find information based on a GTIN or GLN, and clarify whether you need a new GTIN.

Calculate your check digit

The last digit of all GS1 numbers is a computer check digit, which is calculated based on the preceding digits. A check digit must be correct for barcodes to work as it ensures that numbers and barcodes are correctly composed.

Calculate your check digit by clicking the link below and entering your number. You can enter either 7, 11, 12, 13 or 17 digits in the calculator depeding on the barcode (GTIN-8, UPC, GTIN-13, GTIN-14 and SSCC).

Check digits are calculated according to the modulus 10 algorithm.  

Go to check digit calculator

Generate your barcodes online

The barcode is your product's fingerprint. With GS1Trade Barcode, you can easily create correct barcodes for products and pallets - and download them with a single click, ready to use. You can generate the following barcode types: EAN-13 (.png), EAN-8 (.png), UPC-A (.png), GS1-128 (.pdf)

Go to GS1Trade Barcode

Verified by GS1

With Verified by GS1, you can access branded product data related to the GS1 ID stored in a GS1 Activate service.

Go to Verified by GS1


With the free online service GEPIR, you can access information about the registered owners of a GTIN or GLN, such as company name, address and website.


When do I need to change GTINs?

Our GTIN management tool guides you through some simple questions and explanatory infographics to give you a clear answer on whether or not to change a GTIN. It is fast, easy and mobile-friendly.

Go to the GS1 GTIN Management Decision-Support Tool


If you do business with the public sector, UNSPSC is the most efficient, flexible and comprehensive classification system available and many public institutions request UNSPSC codes for products.

UNSPSC is a classification standard owned by UNDP and operated by GS1 US. GS1 Denmark operates UNSPSC in Denmark.

Read more about the system and use the improved search tool below.


We are ready to help

If you want to know more about how GS1 can create value for you and your business, contact our trained consultants who are ready to help you with use of our products and services.

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