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Create efficiency and consistency in your everyday life with our various services, all designed to support your identification and data exchange work.

You can choose one or multiple services and combine them to cover your particular needs. Ultimately, it's about creating value and coherence for your business - easily and conveniently.

Overview of GS1 standards and services

Standardised digital solutions for large and small businesses that increase
the quality and efficiency of your work processes.

Data Exchange

GS1Trade Sync

Keep track of your master data

Sharing your product information using our key service GS1Trade Sync makes data easily accessible to all your trading partners throughout the supply chain. By gathering all data in one place, you only have to enter your product information once, eluding time-consuming follow-ups, and the system's inbuilt validation applications helps you share only relevant and correct data with your trading partners. 

Electronic Data Interchange

GS1Trade Transact

User-friendly EDI solution

Your easy-to-use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution, which handles digital reception of orders and transmittal of documents to your customers.  

The service also makes it possible to send invoices through NemHandel and PEPP

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We are ready to help

If you don't yet have a GS1 subscription and haven't ordered barcodes before, we recommend that you contact our trained advisors who are ready to guide you through the process.

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