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Create efficiency and coherence in your everyday life with our advantageous services. All our services are based on the identification numbers you already have through your membership if you have purchased a GTIN and/or GLN subscription.  

You can choose one or multiple services and combine them to cover your particular needs. Ultimately, it's about creating value and coherence for your business - easily and conveniently.



A Global Location Number (GLN) makes it possible to uniquely identify physical, functional, or legal entities. This could for instance be a sender, a recipient, or a buyer. This allows you to quickly and efficiently identify the who and where in your business processes. A GLN is unique and can be used across national borders and industries.   

It is the owner of a GLN who is responsible for informing e.g. a trading partner about the GLNs used and the information associated with each GLN. This could for instance be a phone number, an address, a fax, or and e-mail.


A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a global ID for your trade items, making it possible for a company in any country to identify which items they are selling in their store. It is used by companies, researchers and retailers to look up product information about the individual product.

Product data can for instance be shared using GS1Trade Sync, where suppliers can enter all their product information. Because a GTIN is a standard, it is a number that can be used anywhere in the world and function as a key when a product has to change hands.

Data Exchange

GS1Trade Sync

Keep track of your master data

Sharing your product information using our key service GS1Trade Sync makes data easily accessible to all your trading partners throughout the supply chain. By gathering all data in one place, you only have to enter your product information once, eluding time-consuming follow-ups, and the system's inbuilt validation applications helps you share only relevant and correct data with your trading partners. 

Data Quality

GS1Trade Exact

Quality assurance of your trade item information

This service requires a GS1Trade Sync subscription. Send your products to us and we compare the physical products with the product data you have entered in GS1Trade Sync preventing errors on labels and in logistics.  

All validated products receive a data quality validation stamp in GS1Trade Sync, which will be visible for your customers.

GS1Trade Image

Product images at an advantageous price

We offer marketing and planogram images at an affordable price and ensure that your images are compliant with the industry's requirements for dimensions and quality. The images will be uploaded directly to GS1Trade Sync, from where they can automatically be linked and used on webshops, leaflets and planogram systems. In addition to standard product imaging, we also offer a variety of styled images.

Electronic Data Interchange

GS1Trade Transact

User-friendly EDI solution

Your easy-to-use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution, which handles digital reception of orders and transmittal of documents to your customers.  

The service also makes it possible to send invoices through NemHandel and PEPP


Free online tools

Calculate your check digit or generate your own barcodes. You can also search by GLN, GTIN, or other GS1 Keys, and get access to contact information of the companys to which those keys belong. 

GS1 Stories

We are ready to help

If you don't already have a GS1 subscription, and have not ordered barcodes from us before, we recommend that you contact our trained consultants who are ready to guide you through the process.

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