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GS1Trade Activate

Keep track of your GTINs and GLNs

GS1Trade Activate provides the digital overview of all your GTINs and GLNs. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your numbers and frees you from manual update processes. The service is free if you already subscribe to GTIN.

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What can you do with GS1Trade Activate?

GS1Trade Activate is a useful tool for all businesses, regardless of size. The service is free of charge for our members who have GTIN and GLN subscriptions. Instead of manual processes and individually keeping track of prefixes and numbers on Excel sheets, you can automatically generate new GTINs in GS1Trade Activate and save your entries digitally, making your overview easily accessible. 

GS1Trade Activate and GTIN

GTIN: With GS1Trade Activate, you can see your company's prefixes and keep track of how many GTINs you've used and what they're used for. You can also keep track of whether GTINs are still active. 

When you need a new GTIN, GS1Trade Activate automatically generates the next available GTIN for you according to the GS1 standard. To each registered GTIN, you can also quickly generate and download EAN-13 and ITF-14 barcodes. 

For GTIN, it is also worth mentioning that GS1Trade Activate is connected to the GS1 Registry Platform and supports Verified by GS1, which you can read more about here.

GS1Trade Activate and GLN

You can also keep track of your GLNs with GS1Trade Activate and create am overview of what your GLNs are used for. You can also register whether your GLNs are active or not.

Later this year, GS1Trade Activate will be connected to GEPIR so the information you register will automatically be synchronized with GEPIR. There is a growing expectancy for GLN registrations in GEPIR being correct and up-to-date, for example when exporting goods to Russia and China.

If GS1Trade Activate sounds like something for you, please contact GS1 Denmark's Member Services. They will help you get started with the tool. They can also give you an introduction to using GS1Trade Activate.

Combine our services

GS1Trade Exact

GS1Trade Exact ensures the quality of your product data. All physical products are checked against the data entered in GS1Trade Sync.

Quality-assured data for the entire supply chain.

GS1Trade Sync

GS1Trade Sync is a data pool for product data exchange that your trading partners can access.

GS1Trade Sync streamlines data exchange between trading partners because data only needs to be entered in one place. This increases the quality of product data and creates value for you - and the entire value chain.

Get started

Once you have purchased a GTIN or GLN subscription, you will automatically have the opportunity to use GS1Trade Activate and have a structured overview of your GS1 number sequences.

Please contact our Member Service who will assist you get started using the service.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use GS1Trade Activate?

If you already have a GTIN subscription with us, the service is free of charge.

Are there any restrictions as to how many numbers I can register in GS1Trade Activate?

The short answer is no.

How many barcode numbers do I have left?

Here, GS1Trade Activate really comes into its own. You just log on to the system and get your own overview of your GTIN/GLN series.

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We are ready to help

If you would like access to GS1Trade Activate or need assistance using the system, we are ready to guide you through the process.

Member Service opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 08:30 to 15:30
Friday: 09:00 to 15:00

+45 39 27 85 27

Or by email:

Peter Alberg Nielsen
GS1Trade Service Consultant
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Customer Consultant
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Head of Member Service
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