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ATTENTION! GS1 Denmark is introducing new prices and membership conditions that will apply from 1 January 2024. Read more here

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GS1Trade Exact

Quality assurance of product data

GS1Trade Exact is a service that ensures the quality of the product data that you share with your trading partners by checking your physical product against the data you have entered in GS1Trade Sync.

Once a product is quality assured, it is validated with an icon in GS1Trade Sync, allowing all your trading partners to see that your product data has been quality assured by GS1Trade Exact.

We also offer creating your product data for you. All you have to do is make an order and send us a case of the product. Then we quality assure as well as create and publish all the products for you in GS1Trade Sync.

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GS1Trade Exact offers three products

Exact Product Creation and Quality Check - The Easy Solution

Here we create the product for you from scratch in GS1Trade Sync based on the physical product. It also includes Exact Product Quality Check, so a green validation stamp will be included.

All required information is entered in GS1Trade Sync, as well as additional information on the product that is relevant for the Exact Quality Check, e.g. storage instructions, claims (FSC label, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Wholegrain label...). Marketing texts are however excluded.

We must receive the physical product in order to complete this service. When you make your order, there will also be a form for you to fill in and submit with additional information that is not shown on the physical product.

A product creation and quality check includes a maximum of one base unit + one case.

Exact Product Quality Check

By choosing this service, the product data created in GS1 Trade Sync is checked against the final product.

This ensures, among other things, that online consumers have the same information available to them as the consumer looking at the product in the store.

Ordering an Exact Product Quality Check requires:

- that the product has been created and published in GS1Trade Sync.

- that the physical product is sent to us. The product must be the same that your customer would receive.

If you want both the base unit and package to be quality checked, make sure to send us a full package. A quality check includes a maximum of one base unit + one package.

Exact Label Quality Check

This service is relevant for previously validated products where the labels subsequently have been altered. This could e.g. be due to an updated ingredients list or recalculation of nutritional information. By checking the label, we ensure the product data correlates to the new information on the label.

Exact Label Quality Check does not require the physical product to be sent to us. Instead, you can attach a file with the updated label to your order. 

Prior to ordering an Exact Label Quality Check, it is important that you update the product data in GS1Trade Sync.

If a physical product is submitted, a handling fee of DKK 160 will be added, unless Image is ordered at the same time.

Exact Label Quality Check can only be done on products that have previously undergone an Exact Product Quality Check.

NB! GS1 Denmark is introducing new prices and membership conditions, which will apply from 1 January 2024. For some members, this means that subscriptions and services will be cheaper; for others, it will be more expensive.

You can read more about the upcoming changes here.

Learn more about GS1Trade Exact

Watch this video to learn more about how GS1Trade Exact can help your company provide quality assured product data and ensure consistent and correct information is being shared between you and all your trading partners.

I can clearly see that it is crucial for our suppliers - and for us data recipients - that there are standards that are easy to access. Today, you fill out the same forms for Coop and Dagrofa as you do for us, which saves you time as a supplier. Everyday life has simply become easier and more transparent.

How can GS1Trade Exact be of benefit to you?

Are you a data provider?

The retail and foodservice industries experience many errors in their received master data, both in terms of logistics and label information. Because of this, data recipients require product data to be quality assured. GS1Trade Exact was established to help you do just that. 

Your products must be created in GS1Trade Sync in order for us to quality assure your product data.

We are also able to correct your product data for you. This option is however not possible if you make use of an integrated solution. 

Are you a data recipient?

GS1Trade Exact ensures that product data entered in GS1Trade Sync matches the physical product.

We check the product's measurements and compare the information label with the information provided by the supplier in GS1Trade Sync. Data is subsequently corrected, if necessary.

GS1Trade Exact's quality assurance rules are based on GS1 standards and regulatory frameworks, including GDSN's standards for product master data and rules adopted by GS1Trade Sync's working group, which represents the Danish retail and foodservice industries.

Therefore, be sure to inform your suppliers of the following:

- A GS1Trade Sync membership is required

- The products must be created in GS1Trade Sync

- Which products you want the supplier to have quality assured by GS1Trade Exact

Combine our services

GS1Trade Image

GS1Trade Image provides professional marketing and planogram images that meet retailers' requirements and imaging guidelines.

If you want to create your own product photos, we can also help you get certified.

GS1Trade Sync

GS1Trade Sync is a data pool for product data exchange that your trading partners can access.

GS1Trade Sync streamlines data exchange between trading partners because data only needs to be entered in one place. This increases the quality of product data and creates value for you - and the entire value chain.

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Price overview

Type of service
Exact Product Creation and Quality Check: We create your product data for you in GS1Trade Sync and ensure it is given the Exact validation stamp.
DKK 350,00
Express handling
DKK 350,00
Exact Product Quality Check
DKK 325,00
Express handling
DKK 325,00
Exact Label Quality Check: If your product has previously been quality assured but alterations on your edited label needs to be checked.
DKK 160,00
Express handling  
DKK 160,00
Surcharge for
- discrepancy between entered data and physical product
*- submission of physical product for Exact Label Quality Check
*- product data has not been updated in GS1Trade Sync prior to an Exact Label Quality Check‍

* implemented as from 1/3-2023
DKK 160,00

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Product Creation, Quality Assurance and Label Check?

Product Creation: We create your product for you in GS1Trade Sync and make sure it is given a validation stamp, which shows your customers that your product is quality assured. 

Quality Check: We make sure that your physical product matches the product data in GS1Trade Sync and confirm this by providing the green validation stamp in GS1Trade Sync.

Label Check: We check the updated label information of your previously quality checked products.*

*does not require submission of physical products

How do I get a new product quality assured?

When you are about to launch a new product, your trading partners need to know certain product data before the product becomes available in store. Contact therefore your customer first to clarify requirements and deadlines.

Logistics information such as dimensions and weight ensures correct handling in warehouses, and planogram images allow best possible presentation of the product in the store.

What happens to my products after a quality check has been completed?

When making your GS1Trade Exact order, you decide what is to be done with your products after the quality assurance is completed.

Return*: We make sure to arrange a return, but freight costs will be covered by yourself.

Destroyed: We make sure your products are destroyed after your ordered service is completed. Refrigerated and frozen goods are always destroyed and cannot be donated/returned.

Donate: We make sure to pass your products on to charities such as Mødrehjælpen and Projekt Hjemløs.

*If you want your products returned, we will keep them until the end of the week, plus additional two weeks in case we need them for follow-up tasks. Should you however wish to collect the products immediately, that can of course be arranged.

Do you also take product photos?

Our service GS1Trade Image offers product images, planogram images and styled images.

GS1Trade Image is located at the same physical address as GS1Trade Exact, making it easy and convenient to let us take care of the images at the same time.

Read more about GS1Trade Image

How long is your processing time?

We carry out the product creation and quality check within 10 working days after having received your product.

Express handling time is a maximum of 5 working days as opposed to 10 working days. Express orders are always prioritised, so they are first in line as soon as the product/item is received at GS1Trade Exact & Image in Ballerup. The charge for Express handling is an additional 100% of the fee of the chosen service.

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