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ATTENTION! GS1 Denmark is introducing new prices and membership conditions that will apply from 1 January 2024. Read more here

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Global Trade

Global Location Numbers (GLNs) can be applied to any physical or digital location, as well as any functional or legal entity that needs to be uniquely identified. This means that any sender, receiver, buyer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, distribution center, shop, point-of-sale, department – even a specific shelf – can be allocated a GLN number to identify exactly that entity.

GLNs are used to identify the WHO and WHERE in various relations involving trade or exchange of information. WHO are legal and functional entities, WHERE are physical and operational (digital) locations.

NB! GS1 Denmark is introducing new prices and membership conditions, which will apply from 1 January 2024. For some members, this means that subscriptions and services will be cheaper; for others, it will be more expensive.

You can read more about the upcoming changes here.

Learn more about GLN

A trade relationship involves several companies, for instance a supplier, a customer, and a distribution center. In addition, each company might consist of several seperate departments. Due to this, trading partners need to be able to accurately identify all the physical and digital locations as well as the functions relevant to a given trade relation. GLNs are used for this purpose. A GLN is unique and can be used internationally across multiple industries.


What can GLNs be used for?

A trade relationship involves several companies and departments. Therefore, trading partners need their data files to be able to identify all the physical and digital locations as well as the functions involved in that relationship. Therefore, each function that serves a specific purpose must have its own unique 13-digit GLN.

In order to use your GLN number, you must register it in a system such as Nemhandel or in your own financial system.

Healthcare sector

GLN is used for electronic trading or collaboration, such as identification of a department, warehouse or other locations, for instance a hospital.

Retail and foodservice

With a GLN, you can uniquely identify specific physical, functional, legal, or digital entities.

This could for instance be a sender, recipient, buyer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, place of delivery, place of payment, store or a department.


You need to register your GLN number before you are able to use it in Nemhandel. Your electronic billing provider can help you with this. 

Other sectors / industries

GS1 Denmark are part of ensuring a strong and secure supply chain for many sectors and industries. Here are some examples: 

The energy sector: Power companies and energy traders use GLNs for identification purposes both in Denmark, but also across the Nordic in the capacity of the Nordic Balancing Model, which deals with the exchange of green energy across multiple countries.

Wind power industry: Identification and mapping of physical locations of wind turbines.

Dansk Retursystem: Uses GLNs to handle all their reverse vending machines, for instance when the haulier has to pick up the deposit-marked bottles and cans.

The railway sector: Swedish railways use GLNs on railway sections, which facilitating maintenanc tasks and foreseeing impending issues. 

Price overview

Annual subscription fee excl. VAT
DKK 1,000 including annual subscription - regardless of when in the year the purchase is made
Subsequent years DKK 1000 per year
900,00 DKK
900,00 DKK
800,00 DKK
800,00 DKK
700,00 DKK
700,00 DKK
600,00 DKK
600,00 DKK
550,00 DKK
550,00 DKK
500,00 DKK
500,00 DKK
450,00 DKK
450,00 DKK
400,00 DKK
400,00 DKK
350,00 DKK
350,00 DKK
25,00 DKK
25,00 DKK
10,00 DKK
10,00 DKK
5,00 DKK
5,00 DKK
Special agreement
Special agreement

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Your subscription fee is determined by how many GLNs you need and your company's annual turnover.

Use our price calculator below to see the price of your GLN subscription. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our consultants. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a GLN to use other GS1 services?

You must have a GLN in order use GS1Trade Sync and GS1Trade Transact.

Can I transfer a GLN if a location closes or changes?

If the location of a physical location changes and the associated GLN does not change, deliveries will go to the "old" address registered.

It is therefore important that you as soon as possible inform trading partners of a new GLN or changes associated with a GLN.

Please note that there are different rules for when a GLN should be changed depending on what the number is used for – legal, functional, physical or digital locations. Please contact our consultants if you are unsure which category and rules apply to you.

Can I use a GLN in a barcode?

Yes. A GLN can be used in a barcode, namely the GS1-128 barcode, which is primarily used for pallets. In addition to GLN, it can contain a wide range of information such as production- or best before dates, weight and batch numbers. Typically it includes information that varies every time the product is traded.

What is the structure of a GLN?

A GLN is a fixed 13-digit number. A GLN issued by GS1 Denmark starts with the number 579.

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