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Get started creating barcodes and sharing product data

Below we have gathered our three most popular services making it quick and easy to either create barcodes for products (GTIN), obtain a location number for electronic invoicing (GLN/EAN), or share product data with retailers through GS1Trade Sync.

Do you need barcodes?

Do you need barcodes for your products or logistics units?

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Do you need a location number?

Do you need a GLN (EAN location number) for electronic invoicing?

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Do you need to share product data?

Do you need to send product data to Coop, Salling Group or other retailers via GS1Trade Sync?

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Learn more about GS1 standards and services

Standardised digital solutions for large and small businesses that increase
the quality and efficiency of your work processes.


Keep track of your products with unique identification numbers.


Location is important for business, and GS1 can help you on your way.

GS1Trade Barcode

Create barcodes for products and pallets.

GS1Trade Activate

Keep track of your identification numbers and prevent making serious errors.

GS1Trade Sync

Database that makes your product data available to your customers.

GS1Trade Exact

Get your product data verified and keep track of your products.

GS1Trade Image

High-quality images of your products for marketing and planogramming purposes.

GS1Trade Transact

Electronic exchange of orders and invoices.

GS1 Denmark Pilot Scheme

GS1 Denmark pilot projects are aimed at companies and organisations interested in testing the application of GS Standards in new industries and/or business areas.

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We are ready to help

Not sure how to order a GTIN, GLN or create a barcode? Then contact our customer consultants who are ready to guide you through the process.

Member Service opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 08:30 to 15:30
Friday: 09:00 to 15:00

+45 39 27 85 27

Or by email:

Peter Alberg Nielsen
GS1Trade Service Consultant
+45 39 16 90 11
Irene Lentz
Customer Consultant
+45 39 16 90 07
Charlotte Nevdal
Head of Member Service
+45 39 16 90 14